Mourning Ruth Bader Ginsburg, BGU Honorary Doctorate

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev mourns the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a 2020 honorary doctorate recipient.


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BGU Adds Flexible “Corona Clause” to Dormitory Rental Contracts

BGU announced Wednesday 23rd September that it was adjusting its dormitory rental contracts to take into account the current uncertainty, financial crisis and the possibility of the lockdown being extended. The University will insert a “flexibility clause”, which will enable students to get out of the contracts if they are unable to enter the University campus because of state imposed restrictions.


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COVID-19 Pooling Test Method from BGU IDs Asymptomatic Carriers


A new peer-reviewed study published in Science Advances confirms the success of a new COVID-19 pooling test that identifies all positive subjects, including asymptomatic carriers, in a single round of testing.


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Lack of Continuous Research Into Infectious Disease Epidemics Endangers Pandemic Responses, According to BGU Researchers


While the volume of research on infectious coronavirus diseases is very high after an outbreak, it drops substantially upon containment, which prevents a full understanding of coronavirus management and prevention, according to a new study by BGU researchers.


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Prof. Gabby Sarusi Develops One Minute Coronavirus Test

BGU's Prof. Gabby Sarusi has developed and is now validating a test that identifies carriers of the COVID-19 virus in less than a minute with greater than 90% accuracy and at a dramatically lower price than any other method available.


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BGU Researcher Successfully Manipulates Cows’ Microbiome for First Time

BGU's Mizrahi Group has successfully manipulated a cow’s microbiome for the first time. By learning to control the microbiome, scientists can prevent cows from emitting methane, one of the most serious greenhouse gases.


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Researchers Find a Way to Extend Lifespan in Mice

Prof. Khachik Muradian and Prof. Vadim Fraifeld succeed in inducing long-term and substantial decrease in metabolic rate and body temperature of warm-blooded animals for the first time


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Touching a Furry Social Robot Reduces Pain and Increases Happiness


BGU researchers have found that a one-time, short session with a seal-like furry robot called PARO reduced pain, increased happiness and reduced oxytocin levels.


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Could COVID-19 in Wastewater Be Infectious?


Wastewater containing coronaviruses may be a serious threat, according to a new, global study led by researchers from BGU's Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research.


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Right-wing Voters Draw More Resilience During Coronavirus Crisis from Sense of National Coherence, Trust in Government, BGU Study Finds

According to BGU's Prof. Shifra Sagy, who defined the term “Sense of National Coherence", right-wing voters are more likely to consider their national group “comprehensible, meaningful, and manageable." That sense provides them with additional resilience during the coronavirus crisis. 


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BGU PhD Student and High School Robotics Club Develop Face Mask 

The new normal is wearing a face mask in public. However, wearing one presents an obstacle to communication with people with hearing disabilities who often read lips to communicate with hearing people. .

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Older Adults Are More Worried about Their Family and Friends During Coronavirus Crisis Than about Themselves, BGU Study Finds

Despite their status as a high risk group for contracting the coronavirus, adults 60 and over are more anxious about their family and friends’ wellbeing than their own, a new BGU study has found.


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Males Experience Infectious Diseases More Frequently and More Severely and Females Have More Auto-Immune Diseases – But Why?


Clinical evidence shows that males are more prone to illness than females but no one is really sure why. A new study by BGU researchers as part of the global Immunological Genome Project (ImmGen) has tackled this question by comparing the transcriptome of the immune system of female and male mice. 


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Researchers Can Tell The Age of Your Brain and It's Not Always in Sync with Your Chronological Age

How old is your brain? Not necessarily the same age as the chronological age of your body. Past studies have shown that brain aging is related to neurodegenerative diseases and mortality, but what actually makes our brain look younger or older? BGU researchers can now tell you.


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Can Watching Movies Detect Autism?

Measuring children’s gaze patterns as they watch movies of social interactions is a reliable way to accurately identify nearly half of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cases, according to a new study just published in Autism Research by BGU researchers.


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BGU Radio Leads the Way – The First Student Orientation Podcasts in Israel!


After two years of successful activity on the Sde Boker Campus, the University internet radio is expanding its activities by establishing an additional studio on the Marcus Family Campus in Beer-Sheva with the support of BGU President Prof. Danny Chamovitz. 


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Women Students in the Majority at Ben-Gurion University


When the academic year begins this coming Sunday, 19,750 students will stream onto campus, 53% of them women. 

8,700 students have registered for an undergraduate degree, 2,400 in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and 3,800 in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, a 9% rise in registrants.  


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British Ambassador to Israel visits BGU 

British ambassador to Israel H.E. Neil Wigan said he chose BGU for his first university visit, since replacing David Quarrey as ambassador last month, in order to see firsthand the University's "extraordinary transformation" and emergence as a global center of science and technology research.


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