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Industrial societies losing healthy gut microbes

Fiber is good for us, but a new study finds that humans are losing the microbes that turn fiber into food for a healthy gut.

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New National Institute for Climate Policy Research Established

Former Environmental Protection Minister Tamar Zandberg to become director.

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Link between anxiety and testosterone discovered


Groundbreaking study unveils link between anxiety disorders and a brain receptor know as TACR3, as well as testosterone.

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Sylvan Adams Donates USD$100 Million to BGU 


The funds are allocated for an extensive plan aimed at advancing education and campus life at BGU, while rebuilding and strengthening the south, which is especially important in the wake of the Oct. 7th attack against Israel's southern border communities.

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Mourns


The entire BGU community is stricken by grief and mourning at the loss of our students, staff and faculty who were murdered and killed in the line of duty during the Iron Swords war.

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Senior Israeli and international academics call on UN Secretary-General to take action to secure release of Israeli children taken hostage by Hamas


Senior Israeli and international academics are calling on the UN Secretary-General to take action to secure the release of Israeli children abducted in Gaza and prevent irreparable harm.

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30 universities around the world respond to incitement in academic institutions


First coordinated effort among students in Israel and abroad

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A Letter from Israeli University Presidents to Their International Colleagues


We, the leaders of Israeli universities and research institutions, write to express deep concern over the discourse emanating from academia following the devastating Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 and the inadequate response, in many cases, by academic leadership.

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Real-time medical simulation training for soldiers, doctors and paramedics


Against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Israel and in response to the deployment of emergency medical teams throughout the country, the Field Family Medical Simulation Center at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has shifted into high gear. Students, soldiers, medical staff and even volunteer doctors from abroad are trained through a practical approach to treating trauma patients.

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On the Front Lines, an Israeli University Grieves and Readies for War


At Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, dorms turned into barracks and medical students manned emergency rooms. Dozens from the university community were killed in the Hamas attacks

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A warm hug from the Eilat campus: Families evacuated from the South housed in student dormitories


Ben-Gurion University’s Eilat campus has opened for residents from the South who left their homes for a quick breather from the incessant rocket attacks. Dozens of families have been housed in the student dormitories, and campus workers are taking care of them.

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In peacetime and wartime, Ben-Gurion University supports the South


In peacetime, Ben –Gurion University is a catalyst in southern Israel, all the more so in wartime. When news began to trickle in on Saturday October 7 of the massacre and it became clear hundreds of wounded people were being brought to Soroka University Medical Center in Beer-Sheva, hundreds of medical faculty and students raced to the hospital to lend a hand. They treated people in the exam rooms, but also in the hallways, for days as the hospital treated more than 700 people on that first Saturday alone.

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Supports Residents and Security Forces


The State of Israel is at war, and members of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev community have mobilized on behalf of the residents of Israel, IDF soldiers and the security forces. The university dormitories were opened to evacuated residents of the Gaza region and dedicated hotlines established to provide assistance.

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Adding a natural molecule to toothpastes and mouthwash may help prevent plaque and cavities


Most of the world's population either chronically suffers from plaque and dental cavities or will develop them at some point in their lives. Toothpastes, mouthwashes, and regular check-ups do their part, but more could always be done.

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Student Exchange Programme Expands to New Countries


During the academic year 2023-2024, 72 students across all of BGU's faculties will participate in the Student Exchange Programme operated by BGU International. Students will be studying abroad across Europe, North and South America, and for the first time in Australia, Mexico, and Morocco.

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Maladaptive Daydreaming may be a Better Diagnosis for Some than ADHD


MD is a condition whereby people slip into involved highly detailed and realistic daydreams that can last hours at the cost of normal functioning, but this has not yet been recognised as a formal psychiatric syndrome

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BGU to Divest from Its Investments in Companies Producing Oil and Coal


Moving investments to companies and vehicles that adhere to ESG guidelines will encourage companies to maximise good governance, safeguard the rights of their employees, and minimise their environmental impact.. 


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The Green Mediterranean Diet Modifies the Bacterial Population In Our Gut, With Specific Bacteria Mediating Weight Loss and Cardiac Risk Reduction


The results showed that while all diets introduce substantial changes to the gut microbiome community, the changes of green-MED dieters are much more pronounced

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Prof. Daniel Chamovitz 2021 Laureate of the Nefesh B'Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize for Education


Prof. Chamovitz will be recognised for “exemplary dedication and accomplishments in the field of education and, specifically, plant sciences, as well as for the incredible achievement of assuming the role of President of Ben-Gurion University


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Can a Goldfish drive a car on land?

A goldfish has successfully driven a robotic car in new research from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. While it almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss book, it was an actual experiment to explore animal behaviour.​ 

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BGU team first to discover an anti-Cancer naturally occurring peptide from from the non-coding region of the mRNA


Proteins (especially protein kinases) propagate signals in cells dictating cell fate (we have more than 500 human kinases). Their inhibitors block the kinase enzyme which carries instructions to the cell. For instance, if the kinase signals to a cancer cell to divide and reproduce, then inhibiting the kinase would slow down the proliferation of cancer cells. 


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Increased oxygen helps those suffering from mild to moderate depression

Depressed patients who received oxygen-enriched air treatment for a month found their symptoms improved, according to a new proof-of-concept study by BGU researchers. 


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Growing up in a book-filled home could protect against cognitive decline in old age

While bookshelves filled with books have intrigued and delighted children for generations, they may confer heretofore unknown long-term benefits. According to a new study by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the University of Haifa, and the Israel Gerontological Data Center, growing up in a book-filled home seems to improve memory in those 65 years old and older as well as preserve against cognitive decline.

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Autism Diagnosis by 2.5 Years of Age Leads to Dramatic Improvements in Social Situations

The potential benefits of early diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are at the heart of an ongoing debate about the necessity of universal screening for toddlers and the amount of funding that is allocated to facilitate early identification. Now, a new study by BGU researchers and their colleagues clearly demonstrates that early diagnosis and treatment lead to considerable improvement in ASD social symptoms.  

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British Ambassador makes special visit to Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research

His Excellency British Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan OBE visited Ben-Gurion University of the Negev late last week to hear about cutting-edge environmental research ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), which begins next week in Glasgow.  

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The Writers' House in Honour of Amoz Oz Inaugurated in Beer-Sheva's Old City

The Writers' House in Honour of Amos Oz will serve as an academic centre for research groups from Israel and around the world and as a centre for culture lovers from the Negev and all of Israel.

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BGU Student Team takes First Place in HackIDC 2021!

The winners of the competition were team FigureMeOut who developed an application for colour identification, which allows users to easily and quickly receive the most accurate colour sample with no environmental and/or device related distorting effects.

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Anchor 42

BGU Data Scientists Can Automatically Detect Red Palm Weevil Infestations Using Google Aerial and Street View Images

Red palm weevils could arguably be called a global palm tree pandemic. Over the last decade, they have migrated across the globe, laying their eggs in the trees so their larvae can munch on the tree as they grow. The resulting tunnels damage and weaken the trees even causing some trees to break and collapse.


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Anchor 36

Prof. Paula Kabalo Wins 2020 Yonathan Shapiro Best Book in Israel Studies Award

Prof. Paula Kabalo, Director of BGU's Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism has won the 2020 Yonathan Shapiro Best Book in Israel Studies Award.


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BGU Researchers Introduce Novel Probiotic Yogurt-Based Treatment for Inflammatory Conditions

BGU researchers have identified novel drug candidates based on molecules isolated from probiotic yogurt for combating pathogenic bacteria and for treating various inflammatory conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and COVID-19 related cytokine storms. 


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Anchor 40

35 Years Later, Immigrants from Chernobyl Area Still Experiencing Health Problems, New Long-Term Study by BGU Researchers Finds

​Today, April 26th 2021, marks 35 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the worst in history. As many as 200,000 immigrants from the immediate area and the region immigrated to Israel, starting in 1989 and up to ten years later in the wave of Soviet immigration to Israel. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers, beginning in 1990, started a special clinic to address the health concerns of these immigrants and to collect data on their health status.


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Ben-Gurion University Creates Israel's First School of Sustainability and Climate Change

Ben-Gurion University scientists have tackled challenges such as lack of fresh water, food security, sustainable agriculture, and advanced heating and cooling systems, to name just a few. Their experience will be made available to students through the new School, with a focus on topics such as renewable natural resources, environmental and sustainability policy, and management. 


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Anchor 41

Ben-Gurion University SOS Campaign Raises More Than $6 Million to Provide 20% of Students with Corona Financial Aid Packages

BGU has exceeded its $6 million goal for the SOS Support Our Students Campaign.


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BGU Researchers and Colleagues Caution Stevia May Inhibit Gut Microbiome Communication

BGU researchers, alongside colleagues from Cyprus and Turkey, have found that the natural sweetener stevia may disrupt communications between bacteria in the gut microbiome leading to an imbalance.


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Anchor 38

BGU: For the FirstTime Ever, Original 2,300-year-old Iron Age Seal found

Around 50 years ago, while wandering around Beer-Sheva's Bedouin market,  BGU's Prof. Yigal Ronen came across a piece of oval material with a seal imprinted with a figure of a roaring lion standing on all fours. Ronen asked the merchant where the stamp came from, but the seller could not answer and agreed to sell it for only 10 old shekels.


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BGU students by day, Amazon e-commerce wizards by night

BGU has launched the world’s first academic e-commerce accelerator to train students to establish and operate an Amazon store. Fifteen students were chosen after a rigorous application process, mostly from the humanities, social sciences and management faculties.


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Anchor 35

Green Mediterranean Diet May Be Even Better for Health

The Mediterranean diet, rich in plant-based foods, is linked to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and currently forms the backbone of dietary guidelines to stave off coronary heart disease.


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Anchor 32

Ben-Gurion University to Establish Agricultural Research Institute in India

As BGU is among the world leaders in the field of desert agriculture and water related research, BGU will be consulting regarding the establishment, development, launch and operation of the joint Academic Research Institute.


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Anchor 33

BGU mourns the passing of Honorary Board Member Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Z"L

The Ben-Gurion University of the Negev family joins mourners the world over for Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z"l. In addition to his lengthy scholarly and rabbinic credentials, Rabbi Sacks was an honorary member of the University's Board of Governors. He was the recipient of BGU's Ladislaus Laszt Ecumenical and Social Concern Award in 2011.


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Anchor 34

Cockroaches and Lizards inspire New Robot developed by BGU Researcher

The mechanical design of the AmphiSTAR robot and its control system were presented virtually last week at the IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) by Dr. David Zarrouk


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Anchor 2

Two BGU Doctoral Students win President of Israel's Scholarships

The prestigious scholarship is awarded once a year to outstanding doctoral candidates whose research focuses on a scientific field chosen by the President.


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Anchor 28

BGU Researcher Proposes Common Cause of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Prof. Stas Engel and his team believe the central nervous system of primates has a weak point – a quality control system that clears out poisonous proteins created during high oxygen intake activities


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Anchor 31

BGU Signs Agreement with Israeli Ministry of Health to Monitor Sewage for Signs of COVID-19 Outbreak in 14 Cities

BGU has signed an agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Health to detect and monitor SARS-CoV-2, the virus that leads to COVID-19, in sewage samples from 14 cities around the country, including Jerusalem, Beer-Sheva, Netanya and Beit Shemesh. The Ministry of Health is funding this larger pilot study before implementing the tracking methodology countrywide. Monitoring will serve as an early warning system of outbreaks. 


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Anchor 30

95% Success Rate for the Dept. of Economics in Israel CPA Council's Accreditation Test

BGU's Dept. of Economics achieved impressive success this year, when 95% of its students who took the Israel CPA Council's accreditation test passed. The rate is the highest in Israel for those students studying at a higher education institution.

The numbers speak for themselves: 63 economics students, out of a total of 66, passed. Other institutions lag far behind in the percentage of passing students.


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Anchor 27

BGU Researchers Develop Machine Learning Platform to Streamline Clinical Trials

BGU researchers have developed a novel platform to streamline clinical trials, lower costs, and increase the efficiency and success rate of the drug or medical device development process. The technology has been licensed for further development and commercialization to Panacea, a new company founded by BGN Technologies, BGU's technology transfer company, and Prof. Boaz Lerner of the BGU Department of Industrial Engineering and Management​, and Panacea's scientific founder. Panacea is a portfolio company of the Oazis accelerator, formed by the Yazamut360 entrepreneurship center of BGU. 


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Anchor 1

Largest Desertification Conference in the World to Discuss "Feeding the Drylands" 

The 2020 Drylands, Deserts & Desertification Conference (DDD) will tackle one of the most pressing issues worldwide "Feeding the Drylands: Challenges in a Changing Environment." More than 40% of the Earth's landmass is considered drylands, and that percentage rises every year.


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Anchor 29

BGU Dedicates the Kappy and Eric Flanders National Palliative Care Resource Centre, the first of its kind in Israel

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev dedicated the first palliative care resource centre in Israel in a virtual ceremony on Monday. The Kappy and Eric Flanders National Palliative Care Resource Centre will build on BGU’s considerable existing strengths to take the field of palliative care to the next level in Israel. In addition to being the first in Israel, it joins a select few such centers worldwide.


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Anchor 26

Conventional Wastewater Treatment Does Not Eliminate the Risk of Coronavirus Spreading, BGU Researchers Find  

Most of the sewage in Israel and other developed countries undergoes biological treatment before release to the environment or reuse, however that was insufficient to reduce the virus concentration to undetectable levels, the researchers found.


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Anchor 22

BGU to Start Academic Year Next Week with an Increase in Enrolled Students

There has been a 12% increase in new students at BGU and a 5% increase in the overall student body. There have also been some specific significant increases in registration, as it appears the coronavirus is shaping students’ degree choices.


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Anchor 18

BGU Researchers Discover Neural Subnetwork Linked to Weightloss

Everyone is looking for that weight loss programme that will shed those unwanted pounds. Many try several before finding one that works, and some never succeed. What if you could do an fMRI scan that would tell you whether a weight loss programme was likely to be effective? 


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Anchor 25

UNOOSA and BGU sign MoU to establish Regional Support Office in Israel for UNOOSA’s programme UN-SPIDER

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a Regional Support Office (RSO) of UNOOSA’s programme United Nations Platform for Space-Based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (UN-SPIDER).


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Anchor 24

Moms Report Mild to High Levels of COVID-19 Anxiety and Insomnia in Study by BGU Researchers

Many mothers are experiencing an increase in insomnia severity and mild-to-high levels of acute COVID‐19 anxiety, according to a new study by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College in Israel.


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Anchor 23

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Mourns the Loss of its Third President, Maj-Gen (Res.) Shlomo Gazit

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev mourns the loss of its third president, Maj-Gen (Res.) Shlomo Gazit, who passed away on Thursday 8th October.


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Anchor 21

BGU Researchers Develop Wearable Device for Predicting Epileptic Seizures

BGU researchers have developed Epiness™, a new, first of its kind device for detecting and predicting epileptic seizures based on proprietary machine-learning algorithms. The wearable device can generate an advanced warning about an upcoming seizure that will be sent to a smartphone up to an hour prior to its onset. 


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Anchor 20

Mourning Ruth Bader Ginsburg, BGU Honorary Doctorate

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev mourns the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a 2020 honorary doctorate recipient.


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Anchor 19

BGU Adds Flexible “Corona Clause” to Dormitory Rental Contracts

BGU announced Wednesday 23rd September that it was adjusting its dormitory rental contracts to take into account the current uncertainty, financial crisis and the possibility of the lockdown being extended. The University will insert a “flexibility clause”, which will enable students to get out of the contracts if they are unable to enter the University campus because of state imposed restrictions.


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Anchor 17

COVID-19 Pooling Test Method from BGU IDs Asymptomatic Carriers


A new peer-reviewed study published in Science Advances confirms the success of a new COVID-19 pooling test that identifies all positive subjects, including asymptomatic carriers, in a single round of testing.


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Anchor 15

Lack of Continuous Research Into Infectious Disease Epidemics Endangers Pandemic Responses, According to BGU Researchers


While the volume of research on infectious coronavirus diseases is very high after an outbreak, it drops substantially upon containment, which prevents a full understanding of coronavirus management and prevention, according to a new study by BGU researchers.


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Anchor 14

Prof. Gabby Sarusi Develops One Minute Coronavirus Test

BGU's Prof. Gabby Sarusi has developed and is now validating a test that identifies carriers of the COVID-19 virus in less than a minute with greater than 90% accuracy and at a dramatically lower price than any other method available.


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Anchor 7

BGU Researcher Successfully Manipulates Cows’ Microbiome for First Time

BGU's Mizrahi Group has successfully manipulated a cow’s microbiome for the first time. By learning to control the microbiome, scientists can prevent cows from emitting methane, one of the most serious greenhouse gases.


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Anchor 10

Researchers Find a Way to Extend Lifespan in Mice

Prof. Khachik Muradian and Prof. Vadim Fraifeld succeed in inducing long-term and substantial decrease in metabolic rate and body temperature of warm-blooded animals for the first time


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Anchor 13

Touching a Furry Social Robot Reduces Pain and Increases Happiness


BGU researchers have found that a one-time, short session with a seal-like furry robot called PARO reduced pain, increased happiness and reduced oxytocin levels.


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Anchor 16
Anchor 8

Could COVID-19 in Wastewater Be Infectious?


Wastewater containing coronaviruses may be a serious threat, according to a new, global study led by researchers from BGU's Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research.


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Right-wing Voters Draw More Resilience During Coronavirus Crisis from Sense of National Coherence, Trust in Government, BGU Study Finds

According to BGU's Prof. Shifra Sagy, who defined the term “Sense of National Coherence", right-wing voters are more likely to consider their national group “comprehensible, meaningful, and manageable." That sense provides them with additional resilience during the coronavirus crisis. 


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Anchor 9

BGU PhD Student and High School Robotics Club Develop Face Mask 

The new normal is wearing a face mask in public. However, wearing one presents an obstacle to communication with people with hearing disabilities who often read lips to communicate with hearing people. .

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Read My Lips Mask 3.jpg
Anchor 6

Older Adults Are More Worried about Their Family and Friends During Coronavirus Crisis Than about Themselves, BGU Study Finds

Despite their status as a high risk group for contracting the coronavirus, adults 60 and over are more anxious about their family and friends’ wellbeing than their own, a new BGU study has found.


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Anchor 11

Males Experience Infectious Diseases More Frequently and More Severely and Females Have More Auto-Immune Diseases – But Why?


Clinical evidence shows that males are more prone to illness than females but no one is really sure why. A new study by BGU researchers as part of the global Immunological Genome Project (ImmGen) has tackled this question by comparing the transcriptome of the immune system of female and male mice. 


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Anchor 4

Researchers Can Tell The Age of Your Brain and It's Not Always in Sync with Your Chronological Age

How old is your brain? Not necessarily the same age as the chronological age of your body. Past studies have shown that brain aging is related to neurodegenerative diseases and mortality, but what actually makes our brain look younger or older? BGU researchers can now tell you.


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Anchor 5

Can Watching Movies Detect Autism?

Measuring children’s gaze patterns as they watch movies of social interactions is a reliable way to accurately identify nearly half of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cases, according to a new study just published in Autism Research by BGU researchers.


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Anchor 12

BGU Radio Leads the Way – The First Student Orientation Podcasts in Israel!


After two years of successful activity on the Sde Boker Campus, the University internet radio is expanding its activities by establishing an additional studio on the Marcus Family Campus in Beer-Sheva with the support of BGU President Prof. Danny Chamovitz. 


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